Resto my Ride is an Australian car restoration show.  It chronicles the daily activities of Dec McKearney and Sam Martin and the team at Resto’s and Rods Garage, owned and operated by Dec and Sam.  The series documents car restorations as well as the people and the stories behind the restoration.

The first project undertaken, An EJ for EJ, was the restoration of a 1962 EJ Holden that was donated to the EJ Whitten Foundation and was auctioned at the Melbourne Grand Final luncheon which was hosted by the EJ Whitten Foundation in September 2015.

The roots of the initial project came from a conversation between Dec, Sam and Ted Whitten Jnr, talking about how hard it was to raise funds for the EJ Whitten Foundation.  Dec foolishly suggested that he could restore a car and he would donate this to the foundation to sell to the highest bidder.  The idea was cemented, Resto my Ride, An EJ for EJ was born and was completed in a 9 week period.

With the EJ done, Dec and Sam launched a nationwide competition to “Get Resto’d.”  Lucky winners would get their Ride restored for FREE.  Thousands of entries were received from all over Australia and included both Aussie and imported vehicles.  The oldest Resto entry received was from 1923 and the newest from 2005. The winners will be featured in the show.

Resto my Ride, An EJ for EJ will screened on Discovery Turbo on April 2017 with the series to follow in 2018.

You can watch episodes streaming online at www.restomyride.tv