3M have become sponsors of Team Resto in the HR Bash Car for this year’s 2017 Variety Vic Bash.

3M have supported Resto my Ride since the beginning when they generously sponsored Resto my Ride “EJ for EJ” our first ever show.

“I’ve always used 3M products and have known the Melbourne reps for years. When we need anything at all from 3M – the guys are there to assist us” said Dec McKearney. “And they didn’t blink an eyelid when we asked them if they would like to sponsor our HR Bash Car for this year’s Variety Bash”

For more than 100 years, 3M has been developing technologies for the automotive industry. Today 3M continues to innovate with diverse solutions to assist auto body repair professionals in their efforts to reduce waste and inefficiencies while improving productivity and bottom line profits.

3M are a well known and recognised brand in the car industry. They constantly strive for new solutions to make the job of the professional vehicle repairer easier, faster and more cost effective.

Sam Martin, Crew Captain in the Resto my Ride HR Bash Car said “The 3M guys have always supported us. From sponsoring our TV Show to supporting us on the Variety Bash. When we asked them if they would sponsor us on this year’s Variety Bash, they didn’t hesitate – it was a definite “YES”

“The funds raised from the Bash to help children and their families with financial support for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies, when they can’t afford it, and when government assistance isn’t available. It really is an amazing charity to be involved with them and we thank 3M for their very generous donation”