Amazon Prime Day Automotive Deals

We heard you loud and clear when you asked us for some killer deals on tools and car care products for your restoration projects.

Well, buckle up because Amazon Prime Day is here to deliver! Resto My Ride is all about recommending products that we actually want for our own rides. So, get ready to score some amazing deals on everything from beginner-friendly tools to must-have car care items. Everything that you see that is highlighted in RED you can click on and you will be taken straight to the products on Amazon!

Stock Up on Car Care Essentials:Before we hit the tool section, let’s talk about the basics: Car Care. Amazon Prime Day is like a treasure trove of discounts on car care products that will keep your classic beauty shining bright all year long. Plus, you’ll find some fantastic deals on winter maintenance goodies too!

Product: Car Care Kit This all-inclusive kit is packed with nine essential tools, including tire brushes, microfibre towels, and more. Keep your car in pristine condition during these winter months, ready to shine when cruising weather comes around.

There’s so many great offers on Amazon for Car CareSearch here for your favourite brands and see if you can grab a bargain on Prime Day.

Tools for Starting Out: Whether you’re a newbie in the restoration game or just looking to expand your toolbox, having the right tools is a game-changer. Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to score some fantastic deals on tools that we actually recommend everyone should have for their Rides.

Product: Menbyci 148Pcs Trim Removal Tool Kit This universal trim removal tool kit is actually really awesome. With a whopping 148 tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any interior or exterior automotive trim challenge. From door panels to dome lights, this kit has got your back. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and constructed from durable materials. Trust us, this is a steal you don’t want to miss! You cant get much for $30-ish bucks these days, so this is a really great deal!

Product: SourceTon Auto Trim Removal Tools Kit We really like his this 10-piece kit from SourceTon. These tools are moulded to meet the needs of automotive trimming, and they’re exactly what we’d want for our own Resto projects to keep everything protected when doing those trimming jobs at home! With an anti-scratch feature to protect your car’s upholstery, these reliable tools are ready to take on any challenge. And did we mention there’s a 10% discount offer too? Access a further 10% off on Amazon Prime day! Talk about a bargain…

For those of you embarking on your own Resto projects and taking on the challenge of panel beating, Amazon has a fantastic selection of panel beating tools waiting for you. And f you’re a Prime member, you’re in for some serious savings on shipping!

As avid Amazon shoppers ourselves, we’ve purchased numerous tools from their platform and can’t tell you all how great it is to enjoy the benefit of free shipping, especially when it comes to heavy items like tools. So, that means you will save mire… which means you can buy more tools, right?

Product: Neiko 20709A Heavy Duty Auto Body Hammer and Dolly Set When it comes to dents and metal work, this seven-piece repair kit is great for the price. The hammers and dollies included are designed for flattening metal panels, removing dings and dents, and creating those beautiful outside curves. The rubber non-slip soft-grip handles provide a comfortable grip and shock resistance. Plus, the heavy-duty blow-moulded storage case keeps everything organised, just the way we like it.

Resto My Ride is all about recommending products that we actually want for our own rides and use here at Resto my Ride HQ. That’s why we’re sharing some of these Amazon Prime Day deals with you. We are online now and exploring the deals on offer from winter car maintenance essentials, stocking up on general items we always need in the workshop like Car Clips and more.

Now, you’re ready to rock Amazon Prime Day. Rev up your Resto projects with the right tools and car care items, all at incredible prices. And hey, by making a purchase through the links on this page you’ll be supporting Resto my Ride at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

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