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Beautiful cars, heavy horsepower, smoking tyres and the best of the automotive aftermarket combined for a record breaking, unforgettable weekend of motoring passion at Meguiar’s MotorEx 18.

A new record of 29,665 attendees descended on the Melbourne Showgrounds over the course the weekend, with 708 cars officially taking part in the huge two day automotive festival.

Resto my Ride unveiled Andrew Daddo’s HR Holden in the “Hall of Fame” pavilion at this year’s event. Andrew was moved to tears when he saw his beloved HR Holden “I just can’t believe it!” said Andrew. “Dec and the team have blown it out of the water. This has by far exceeded all of my expectations”.

Owner of Resto’s and Rods Garage Dec Mc Kearney and host of Resto my Ride showed Andrew in detail the work that had been done on the restoration. “There were a lot of sleepless nights at Resto’s and Rods over the last few weeks. We were literally polishing the car as the tow truck pulled up to pick up Andrew cars on Friday night” he said. “These are the moments that make it all worthwhile. Seeing the look on people’s faces when we hand them back there car”.

Resto my Ride was invited by Meguiar’s MotorEx new owner Andy Lopez from Out There Productions with Andy’s goal to turn the event in to more than just a car show and to host a two day festival for car lovers. “Andy and his team absolutely nailed it for the first year” said Sam Martin Executive Producer of Resto my Ride. “You could see how much was invested in to making the event one of the best to showcase the best custom cars and automotive businesses in Australia. We were thrilled to be able to unveil Andrew’s car at such a fabulous event” say’s Sam.

Andrew Daddo’s car restoration will be an episode on Season 1 of Resto of Ride – Coming soon.

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