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Charity auction winner pulls out of $70,000 bid for an “EJ Holden for EJ Whitten”

A bidder at the annual EJ Whitten Foundation Charity Auction has backed out of the purchase of the “ EJ for EJ” restored Holden car that was donated to the EJ Whitten Foundation.

Australian history was made last Wednesday when the bidding for a unique “EJ Holden for the EJ Whitten” 20th anniversary car was sold at the Foundations annual fundraising luncheon. On the day there was a bidding war which took the bid to $70,000 which was not only the largest amount raised on the day but also the largest amount ever raised at auction for the EJ Whitten Foundation in its history of running the event.

Owner of Bodymaster Prestige Paint and Panel, Declan McKearney, who undertook the entire restoration from the ground up says “We were thrilled that the Foundation has been able to raise this amount of money for this unique one off piece of motoring and AFL memorabilia”

The story of the entire restoration and the significance of the “EJ for EJ” in the 20th year anniversary since the sad passing of “Mr Football” has been filmed to be turned in to a documentary for a new show called “Resto my Ride” and has an enormous following across social media. AFL Legends Sam Newman, Bill Brownless, Doug Hawkins, Sam Kekovich, Robert “ Dipper” Dipierdomenico and Russell Gilbert all took the time to visit the restoration and show support for this unique fundraising initiative for the EJ Whitten Foundation.

“We have had so much support from the community who have watched the progress of the build of the car for the 9 weeks leading up the auction” Says Sam Martin from Resto My Ride “To restore to the standard that this EJ Holden has been restored would set someone back close to over $300,000. When the hammer came down at $70,000 the room went wild”

It was confirmed that the winning bidder telephoned CEO of the EJ Whitten Foundation, Barry Besanko the day after the auction and reneged on the offer and this was quickly followed up in the Rumour file on 3AW  “I received a phone call the next morning from the winning bidder who told me that he wasn’t going through with the sale of the car” says Barry.

Ted Whitten junior, who started the EJ Whitten Foundation in memory of his late father 20 years ago says “ We are completely shocked at the collapse of the sale. The loss of the donation is devastating to our Foundation”

The EJ Whitten Foundation along with Resto my Ride and now taking the opportunity to take this unique piece of AFL and motoring memorabilia to the Australian public in a bid to find a buyer.

“ Hopefully this unfortunate situation can be turned in to a positive by taking the car to the Australian public ” says Ted Whitten. “ You never know who might be out there. It could be a private collector who is keen to add this unbelievable car to their collection, a bunch of friends wanting a unique car or even a corporate partner that wants to get their hands on this great car”

The car and specifications can be viewed by clicking here

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