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Like the majority of industries in Australia, the Resto my Ride workshop relies on compressed air to keep their operation functioning.

When assisting the guys at Resto’s and Rods Garage in making the best choice for long term value and reliability, Pilot Air specified the very latest in high durability and energy efficiency compressed air technology. 


Saving on energy was a big factor for the Resto crew. Over the course of a compressed air system life, the majority of the operating expense is in energy consumption. The Pilot Air Variable Speed system uses an inverter to continuously adjust the compressed air generation in line with the amount of compressed air required. Typically, this system can deliver energy savings of over 20% versus the more common fixed speed technology. The guys were thrilled with this! 

The direct coupled DCR Series unit also features high quality direct coupled transmission resulting in lower noise levels, reduced vibration, fewer components and lower maintenance requirements.

The Pilot Air system will keep the Resto my Ride workshop operating cost efficiently for years to come. You can see the smile on Dec’s face as he assists Eddy from Pilot Air with the install when the new system arrives. 

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