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Custom Workshop hits the spot

Many of this country’s top custom vehicle builders choose to use PPG products (including VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom paint finishes) and, like their collision repair counterparts, that brings all the added support benefits, such as training. Indeed, some of NSW’s best custom artisans recently visited the PPG NSW Training Centre for a special ‘Custom Workshop’. The aim was to deliver two days of tailored content about preparing and creating a show quality paint finish, according to John Hristias, PPG Business Support Manager Asia/Pacific.

“Our custom shop customers face unique challenges so the PPG Training Team set up this unique Custom Workshop to give them the information they need to make smart choices in their work. Generally, they are isolated in their different businesses so it gave them the opportunity to try different products and techniques that they wouldn’t otherwise get to do. First up we focused on the basics. For example, making sure the metal prep is right, the filler is mixed correctly, the primer is sanded well and where using Wet-On-Wet primer is a big advantage. As we went through the basecoat application process, we showed the group a series of common issues and how to fix them – being able to see it live made it much easier to understand.”

Given that colour is such a vital factor for a custom business, plenty of time was spent showing the group the extraordinary possibilities offered by PPG.

“When it came to colour, we talked about how to make a custom job really stand out from the competitors, particularly under different lighting – fluorescent, LED, incandescent, natural sunlight, etc. Although they all knew about PPG’s Vibrance Collection custom colours, they didn’t realise how many different finishes were available and how versatile the range is. As part of that we went through the whole process of formulating a true custom colour and introduced them to some cutting-edge pigment technologies, such as ANDARO®, which PPG actually developed. We were able to give them some great ideas about what they could do with colour and how quickly they could achieve a great result. We had owners and staff from some of the highest profile custom builders in the country (Andy’s Restorations, Custom Body Works, Down Town Kustoms, Ground Level Panel & Paint, Innovative Customs, Southern Rod & Custom and Winner’s Circle) for the two-day course and they walked away very happy but wanting more. We’re already planning future courses where we can focus on helping them do things easier, more efficiently and with an even more show-stopping finish!”

For information on the benefits of PPG training, contact your PPG Training Manager or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust).