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Dec McKearney the Irish Conductor

Dec is the mighty grand poobah of the Resto Team. He grew up on another island before Australia became his home.

He had a few stipulations before he left Ireland. He wanted to make sure his new home would be the perfect place to restore cars and more importantly there had to be plenty of Guinness.

What did you want to do when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a sparky when I was growing up….but that never happened. I was always working on cars in one way or another so it was a natural progression for me to start restoring them.

What’s your first car memory?
I remember driving around with my Dad back in Ireland when I was small.  I don’t really remember where we went or what we did but I remember hanging out with my Dad and going on drives with him.

Who taught you to drive and in what.
My family lived in the country back in Ireland so I taught myself to drive in an old paddock basher in a field. I think it was a Mark 2 Ford Escort and I was still in primary school.

What car do you currently drive?
The Green Machine, a Falcon Ute. So many people expect me to have some kind of amazing restored car but I don’t. I’m currently working on an EJ Holden. I’m just like everyone else that has a resto-in-progress!

What was the last concert you went to & where.
AC/DC at Etidad Stadium Melbourne in December 2015. Sam and I love AC/DC! Probably the last time we’ll get to see the whole line up now that Brian Johnson had to leave the band.

Ford or Holden?
Well I’ve got both so I’m going to sit on the fence with this one.

If you were driving from Melbourne to Darwin who would you have in the car with you (up to 4 people) and what would you be listening to?
I’d take 4 plus myself. I have to say Sam off course and she’d be sitting shot gun. Then in the back: Dave Groll, Slash & Miles Kennedy. I’d expect some acoustic sets from that back seat.

Where’s you’re favourite place to drive?
Anywhere except the city.

Where’s the best place to have a drink.
Anywhere that serves cold beer!

What would be your dream car to restore.
I always wanted to get my hands on a Lamborghini Countach from the 70’s or the early 80’s.  Did I mention I have expensive tastes?

Top 2 cars in your dream collection
A Lamborghini Countach Anniversary Edition of course & a Ferrari 250 GTO.  39 of the Ferrari’s were made and I think there’s only a handful still around.  I think the last one sold for 52 Million.

I’d like my own Island too, I’d keep my car collection there…haha

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