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Custom Entertainment are thrilled to announce that Discovery Networks have partnered with Resto my Ride.  An EJ for EJ will air on Discovery Turbo channel #634 on Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 9.30pm.

Dec McKearney, owner of Bodymaster Prestige Paint and Panel said “we are so excited that Resto my Ride will be shown on Discovery Turbo, a channel that’s synonymous with car enthusiasts from all over the world.”

“Aussies watch car restoration shows from overseas because we don’t have one of our own made in Australia and now we do.  The Resto my Ride concept is a proven media subject worldwide.  A locally produced show with vehicles Aussies can actually relate to can only be a hit,” Sam Martin Executive Producer said.

An EJ for EJ documents the full restoration of an EJ Holden which was completed in only 9 short weeks in the memory of the late Footscray AFL legend, EJ “Mr Football” Whitten who passed away after a battle with prostate cancer in 1995. AFL Icons including Sam Newman, Billy Brownless, Sam Kekovich and Doug Hawkins feature in the documentary throwing their support behind the EJ Holden resto.

“How iconic, we have an EJ Holden for EJ Whitten – Couldn’t get more Australian than that” says AFL legend and car enthusiast Sam Newman.

Sam Martin said “this fully restored EJ is a one off – there is no other Holden like it in Australia.  Restoring such an iconic Australian car in the memory of an AFL legend with all the proceeds going to the EJ Whitten Foundation was a no brainer!”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re from, there’s a universal appeal with cars, and restoring them.  The thrill of finding cars that need to be restored, breaking them down and bringing them back to life, for a future generation to enjoy is what we love to do. We’re excited that a whole new audience will get to experience Resto my Ride for the first time on their TVs at home,” Dec said.

Resto my Ride, An EJ for EJ airs on Discovery Turbo Tuesday 18th April @ 9.30pm