Evans Waterless Engine Coolants are a major step forward in engine cooling technology and are proven to work in the harshest of environments.

Unlike water, Evans Waterless Coolants contains no oxygen or minerals and so eliminates corrosion (including electrolysis) and with a boiling point in excess of 190C Evans prevents hot spots within the cooling jackets, caused by pockets of steam.

Evans also allows the cooling system to run at a much lower pressure by eliminating steam, which in turn reduces stress on components.

The waterless coolants will not freeze even at temperatures as low as -40C and with the boiling point at an impressive 190C, eliminates overheating of the engine coolant.

Once applied, Evans coolants are designed to last the lifetime of the engine and never need replacing.

Owners switching to the new product also have further peace of mind as unlike traditional antifreeze solutions, it is classed as less-toxic, dramatically reducing its health dangers.

Evans Cooling Systems Australasia, based in Melbourne, Victoria, continually seeks to improve engine performance and efficiency, and to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

For more information on Evans Cooling Systems Australasia and Evans waterless engine coolants please visit www.evanscoolants.com.au