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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the competition run for?

The competition closes Tuesday 31 May 2016

What can I enter?

You can enter anything with wheels!! You can enter cars, motorbikes, trucks or even an aeroplanes.

How many times can I enter?

You can only enter each RESTO once. Please just make sure that if you are entering multiple RESTOs that you submit separate entries

I’m having trouble submitting my entry….what am I doing wrong?

If you’re having trouble submitting your entry online it may be because your photos are to big. Make sure they are no larger then 2MG. We’d also recommend that you clear your browser and cache. Click Here if you’re not sure how to clear your browser and cache

What happens if I have more then one RESTO to enter?

You can enter multiple vehicles just make sure that you enter each one independently via the website

Does it matter where I live?

No it doesn’t matter where you live. Anyone in Australia can enter the competition.

When will the RESTO start?

You will need to make your car available to us from 1 May 2016 till December 2016

How many winner/s will there be?

We don’t know yet but it’s definitely going to be more then 1. We are going to have 8 episodes in the next series so we’ll definitely need more then 1 Resto!!

When will the winner/s be announced?

We will contact the winners in May 2016. As we are making a TV show the winner/s wont be publicly announced until a much later date.

Would the Resto Team accept bribes to pick your Resto?

Absolutely…..we will happily accept cases of beer!!!