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Get Resto’d Entry – Tia Carrigan

Competition Entry
Tia Carrigan from QLD
Nominating her father Laurie and uncle Dennis
Chev 1 Tonne Truck

‘Gypsy’ was bought brand new by Tia’s great grandfather, a fortnight before her grandfather was born in 1927 and became a hard working addition on the family farm located 100km north of Moree NSW.

After working on the farm, Gypsy eventually ended up being sent to work at a neighbouring property. After her working life there finished, she was retired to a shed and that’s where she remained for decades. Tia’s father Laurie and uncle Dennis, who still work the family farm, remember Gypsy from their childhood and really wanted to get her back to the farm.

Dennis restores antique furniture and did a job for the neighbours storing Gypsy. Instead of payment, he requested ‘Gypsy’ as payment and she was returned to the family farm.

Gypsy is an important part of Tia’s family history and has a special bond with her Father & Uncle. She was a big part of their childhood and holds memories of times with their father and grandfather.

It’s the family’s dream to Restore Gypsy and keep her in the family for future generations.


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