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LSV insurance to Di for…..

Di has been working at LSV for over 15 years and she enjoys her position as a Sales & Service Specialist. Some of her clients have been with  LSV for over 10  years and absolutely love her!  She grew up in Melbourne and loves going for drives to the Yarra Valley.

Who taught you to drive?
I had driving lessons with an instructor. My driving instructors name was Wolfgang from Yarraville. He was great and he taught me very well if I say so myself.

What’s your first car memory?
My first car memory is of my own car. A HQ Holden – it had mags and big wheels! Big, wide wheels!

What car do you currently drive?
2003 Honda Integra.

Tell us about your most memorable moment working for LSV?
Oh there are many! I’ve been around for a long time; I suppose it’s the people that I’m working with. Everyone gets on well, everyone helps each other and everyone works as a team! Patricia (LSV Manager) is a breath of fresh air.

Ford or Holden?
Well because my first car was Holden, I’ll have to go Holden. Although Ford’s, you just can’t go past the old XY’s.

Where’s your favourite place to drive?

At the moment the Yarra Valley – It’s just so nice to driving there for a wine and a pizza! Then onto Four Pillars for a G&T

What is the best thing about working for LSV?

Being able to do something I’m good at – I’m able to make real connections and build ongoing relationships with our customers. I’ve been dealing with some of our most loyal customers for over a decade! I love going out of the way to get a good result for our customers.

Where’s your favourite place to have a drink

I like going to Mr Mason’s in the Melbourne CBD to have lunch and a nice wine.

What is the most memorable car that you’ve ever insured with LSV?

My favourite is the E Type Jag. We have quite a few of these on the LSV books. One is a client that we’ve had insured for 6 or 7 years, and he cleans the underneath of it with a toothbrush. It’s in pristine condition.

If you were driving from Melbourne to Darwin who would you want in the car with you (up to 4 people) and why?
I’d say my husband, Robert, my son, Lachlan, and might as well throw the girlfriend in there as well AND….

Richard Roxburgh! Richard Roxburgh is the lead actor in the Australian TV show Rake – his character is a barrister, very wicked and very cute! I have his picture on my desk and I’m waiting for him to give me a call to get a quote on a classic car! I know he’s owned a Triumph. So he’s obviously got a connection to classic cars.

Top 2 cars in your dream collection
Well…..E type and I like the Audi TT’s

To find out how Di and the LSV specialists can assist, call 133 578 or head over to their website      Tell them the team at Resto my Ride sent you!