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LSV insure car enthusiasts – from classic to muscle cars, from prestige to vintage cars and practically everything in between. When it comes to insuring your classic car, LSV provide you with peace of mind, knowing you and your classic car are covered.

They understand how important your car is to you and that’s why they offer a range of product inclusions under their Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, such as:

  • Choice of repairer – it’s your car and your choice!
  • Agreed value policies – to give you the peace of mind knowing exactly what value your car is insured for, in the event the car is written off.
  • Salvage rights – if your car is over 25 years of age and involved in an accident where it is a total loss, you will be given the option to retain the unrepaired vehicle in addition to being paid out the agreed value of the car.
  • Multi-car discount – A lot enthusiasts have more than just one car, LSV understand that and offer a discount to support insuring your pride and joy.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee – They guarantee the workmanship and materials on all repairs authorised by LSV for the life of the vehicle.
  • Limited Use Cover – If you use your car infrequently let them know so they can ensure that your premium reflects the limited usage.
  • LSV’s experience in the car enthusiast insurance market – with heritage brands in theirhistory, including Torque Underwriting, Prestige Car Insurance, VIGIL Underwriting & Unique Car Insurance.
  • Restoration cover – They get Resto’s! If you are in the process of restoring your car and it is not being driven, let LSV know as you may be eligible for a reduced premium.
  • Car Club Discounts – As a specialist in the market, they get that many car enthusiasts are affiliated with a Car Club. Let them know if you are, and you may be eligible for a discount!

LSV’s heritage and experience, along with their dedicated focus on motoring enthusiasts has seen them constantly achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and industry leading loyalty.

You will always have the comfort of knowing LSV are there to help you keep your special vehicle special.

To discuss your needs contact LSV on 133 578 or visit the website

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