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Why make the change to Evans Waterless Engine Coolant?

This is a question which is often raised, why switch to Evans when water has been used for decades. After-all water does work, it has worked for many years and we do not see thousands of cars stranded on the road side with overheating engines.

Like everything else under the bonnet, there is pretty much an improved version of everything available to the consumer, ranging from different quality engine oils, component, seals and gaskets.

Over the years much emphasis has been put on building an engine with solid high quality components and lubricants, however little thought has been given to the engine coolant. Generally this is because of the fact that there was little innovation in engine coolant and the consumer had little choice. So even though traditional coolant worked, motoring enthusiasts tolerated the negatives.

Now due to new innovation and technology motoring enthusiasts now have another option, Evans Waterless Engine Coolant.

So, why go waterless??

No Corrosion Evans Waterless Engine Coolant eliminates cooling system corrosion for the lifetime of the engine. Both oxidisation and galvanic corrosion becomes a far distant memory once Evans is installed. No matter whether the engine is in storage or used as a daily drive your cooling system will remain corrosion free.

No Vapour Pressure No water means no steam. The absence of steam in the cooling system removes vapour from the cooling system completely. While Evans will still experience thermal expansion your overall system pressure will be reduced to approximately 5 – 7PSI, reducing strain on your cooling system components and eliminating ‘hot spots’ in your cooling jackets.

No Overheating Evans Waterless Engine Coolant has a boiling point of 190C, increasing the gap between operating temperature and boiling point. Evans remains in its liquid form ensuring that liquid-to-metal contact is maintained, maximising heat transfer from the metal surface. The high heat capacity of Evans prevents the coolant from boiling.

Lifetime Coolant Evans is a lifetime coolant, and by lifetime we mean lifetime. Providing water is not added (outside the 4% tolerance) Evans never has to be changed.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant is not a magic potion that will solve all cooling system issues; rather it is an improved cooling system formulation that will complement a well designed cooling system.

So whether your aim is to preserve your recent restoration, or to provide some peace of mind when driving an engine that just runs hot, Evans Waterless Engine Coolant is your go to product.

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