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Sam Martin the Boss

Sam’s the BOSS. She keeps all the boys in check at the workshop and cooks a cracking BBQ every Friday afternoon for the team.

The semi-Irish lass loves having a drink at her local pub and sneaking Molly the Workshop Dog in with her whenever she can. You may hear her being refereed to as the classic cult 1958 movie “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”…..not just because she’s tall but because when she’s on a mission nothing stands in her way!

What did you want to do when you were a kid?

I wanted to be Tina Turner when I was a kid…or Cher!  I just wanted to sing and dance…. and I still do….

What’s your first car memory?

I have so many car memories. From when I was literally a few weeks old, the only way my Mum could get me to sleep was put me in the car and drive me around. That’s obviously where my love of cars began.

My earliest car memory though is of my Dads 1966 Dodge AT4 Ute. We went camping in that Ute, We collected wood every winter in that Ute, I learnt to drive in the Ute. It was my Dads pride and joy and a part of our family. Dad even spray painted it a few different colours over the years. Started off as white, then black and then lastly the Chrysler Hemi orange. If I could get my hands on that Ute again, it would be the best Resto ever!

Who taught you to drive and in what.

My Dad and in the Dodge. I lived in the country then and one day my Dad and I were out in the Dodge and he pulled over on the side of the road and said “ Ok.. You drive home”
I always sat in the passenger side changing the gears from him so I thought that it couldn’t be that hard!! Let’s just say… it was the first of many driving lessons… but I nailed it in the end and now I’m an awesome driver, I can drive anything!

What car do you currently drive?

I’ve got a Toyota Rav 4. Before that car, I only really drove Beema’s but then I needed a “puppy mover”. A car that the dogs can jump in and we can head off exploring new places. I actually really like it. I like being up that little bit higher in traffic. It’s a zippy little thing.

What was the last concert you went to & where.

AC/DC at Etihad Stadium. Mosh pit with all the other oldies… Loved it!!

Ford or Holden?

Ford… ( Mustang )

If you were driving from Melbourne to Darwin who would you have in the car with you (up to 4 people) and what would you be listening to?

I would have to take Dec of course…. And I rekon if I could pick up two new random people each day in a stop over town that would be cool! Meeting new people every day!
On my road trips we are listening to anything from Guns and Roses to Beyonce, AC/DC to Tina Turner!

Where’s you’re favourite place to drive?

Anywhere… honestly I just love getting in the car and going places. I actually always drive home from work each day “the scenic route” which is literally the long way home along the bay. Love to cruise.

Where’s the best place to have a drink.

There is a little pub in a town in North Queensland called “Kuranda” that has the best Guinness set in a relaxed tropical environment. I really love it there.

And of course there is our local – The Prince Albert Hotel in Williamstown. This is the pub you walk in to and hear the theme song from Cheers – “Sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name, and there always glad you came” (Your singing it aren’t you?!?)

You see a lot of footage from the EJ for EJ was shot there because that is literally the place where all our ideas come about…..All good ideas are much better after a few wee drinks!

What would be your dream car to restore.

When I met Declan, I said to him jokingly that for our 10 year anniversary, he has to restore me a Mustang! Now that’s only a few years away now and I’m not joking any more and I’m a little more specific! Please can you restore my Dream car, Dec? A Mustang Fastback – like Eleanor (I know… so not original but super hot)

2 top cars in your dream collection

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible….that sound
My very own Eleanor – but I want a red one!

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