Mitch Smart the Spray Gun Wizard

Mitch started his career as a Spray Painter in Bendigo. He then moved to Adelaide, returned back to Bendigo and now calls Melbourne his home. The quiet giant enjoys spending time with his family and friends and absolutely loves Japanese cars!

What did you want to do when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a mechanic…. actually, I wanted to be an architect. I enjoyed learning about design programs when I was younger and loved drawing. I use to sketch all kinds of different cars and trailers, I really enjoyed it.  However, my dad and my brother were mechanic’s so it was easy to just get involved with that.  My mum was annoyed that there was going to be 3 mechanics in the family and said to do something different so that’s landed me where I am today.  I still work on cars during my own time….every now and then….when I’ve got time these days

What’s your first car memory?

Crashing my mum’s car when I was about 3 or 4.  I put the car into neutral and drove right into the fence.  I did again a few years after that too and drove it into the shed. You know, I’d fall asleep in the car when I was a kid and my parents would let me stay there, they’d leave the windows open and I just stayed there and slept. But once I woke up hahaha

Who taught you to drive and in what.

My brother Brenton in an old Celica.  I think I was about 10 years old.

What car do you currently drive?

Toyota Chaser JZX 100

What was the last concert you went to & where.

Blink 182 at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.  Outdoor events are awesome.  It was pre-kids!!

Ford or Holden?

I don’t have a preference if I’m honest.  I do like older Fords.

If you were driving from Melbourne to Darwin who would you have in the car with you (up to 4 people) and what would you be listening to?

I wouldn’t take the kids.  That’s such a long drive I couldn’t do that to them.  I’d probably just go with my close mates and we’d be listening to JJJ.

Where’s your favourite place to drive?

I use to live in Adelaide for about a year not that long ago and it’s beautiful.  The Adelaide Hills are a pretty amazing place to drive.  WE use to head over to Mount Lofty, from there you can look over the whole city.

Where’s the best place to have a drink.

I don’t really drink.  However I’m happy to head down to the Rifle Hotel in Bendigo with family and friends on special occasions.

What would be your dream car to restore?

KPG C110 Hakosuka Skyline

Mazda R100

I love Japanese Cars; I stand out in this workshop!

2 top cars in your dream collection

KPG C110 Hakosuka Skyline of course

Toyota 2000 GT