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MN Spraybooths launches new product….sneak peek!

Since 2011 MN Spraybooths has been dedicated to delivering the most affordable and reliable spray paint booths and refinishing equipment to suit a variety of commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

At MN Spraybooths we are passionate about what we do and we pride ourselves on helping our clients maximize their business achievements.

We recently completed a survey with selected companies of various industries that have the need to perform some form of preparation and spray painting processes. When it came to improving efficiencies and productivity for their business, we found there were a few common issues that stood out:

• Affordability of equipment;

• Workshop space restrictions; and

• Functionality restrictions of equipment

So it was a no brainer for MN Spraybooths. We put our R&D team straight to work!

Over the past few months our R&D team has been working effortlessly developing a new addition to our spray booth range. We are very excited with the progress thus far and to help celebrate the launch of our new product we have commissioned well known street artist Ashly Goudie from K.I.L Productions to design a range of twelve limited edition pieces, each with their own original theme.

All products manufactured by MN Spraybooths are 100% Australian made so selecting a theme for the first piece was a no brainer – it had to be Australian.

Let us introduce you to Amber, the #1 girl.

We are confident Amber will change the way preparation and painting is currently performed throughout the industries. Amber is sure to become the go to girl!


• Ideal for small to medium repairs optimizing repair times

• Mobile unit provides flexible work area within the workshop

• Plug and go eliminates the need for expensive electrical connections

• No external ductwork required eliminating extra costs to penetrate rooflines

• Multifunctional unit can be used as preparation bay, fume extractor and spray booth

• Fully compliant to Australian standards

• 100% Australian Made and comes with local after sales support


• Huge energy cost savings

• Optimized small repair costs

• Increased profitability on small to medium repairs

• Low maintenance and operation costs

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For further information on MN Spraybooths’ range of products and services contact us on 03 9708 6069 or visit our website