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MN Spraybooths have jumped on board the Ride as sponsors the HR Bash Car for this year’s 2017 Variety Vic Bash.

MN Spraybooths are a proud Australian owned and operated spray booth manufacturer renowned for supplying a broad range of energy efficient and high performance spray booths and body shop systems. The workshop at Bodymaster where Resto my Ride TV is filmed has been masterfully designed by Mitch and his team at MN Spraybooths and since then the relationship has been solid with Mitch Wendy Jeny and the MN Spraybooth team.

Sam Martin, Crew Captain in the Resto my Ride HR Bash Car said “ We love working with Mitch and Wendy from MN Spraybooths. They have the greatest reputation for quality and delivery and when we mentioned we were off on the Bash again this year they made a very generous donation to Variety the Children’s Charity by sponsoring the Resto my Ride HR Bash Car’  Sam said.

MN Spraybooths are industry leaders delivering turnkey custom design solutions, offering real benefits to repair shop owners and operators alike. From small micro-booths to large custom finishing solutions, MN Spraybooths offers total flexibility in product design and can manufacture to virtually any size and configuration to suit individual business needs, budget and performance requirements.

“We  can’t thank the team at MN enough. Not only for supporting our TV show Resto my Ride but also supporting us on the Bash. The people on the Bash are all car people – most of them in the car game and we can’t wait to tell them about MN Spraybooths” said Dec McKearney Crew Member in the Resto my Ride HR Bash Car. “We plan on getting Mitch on the Bash next year too… now that will be fun!” said Dec.

Located in Hallam Victoria, MN Spraybooths are proud to be a major equipment supplier to companies within the automotive repair & restoration, industrial, paint and construction, aerospace and government industries as well as general manufacturing and furniture manufacturing throughout Australia.

“Variety really relies on the funds raised from the Bash to help children and their families with financial support for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies, when they can’t afford it, and when government assistance isn’t available. It really is an amazing charity to be involved with them and we thank MN Spraybooths for their very generous donation” said Sam