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Off to be blasted…

The team at The Blast Factory  have told us that they will look after the EJ. Off she goes to Coburg to see Nick and his team to strip her back to bare metal.

After we stripped the EJ down we put it on the Rotisserie and loaded her on to the back of the tow trucOn the truckk to go. Literally got it on the back of the truck by an inch.

Blasting cleans and prepares the car by using particles of abrasive that are propelled at the car at high speed by compressed air. We always find its best to restore from clean bare metal so you know exactly what you are dealing with. The process will remove all the paint, rust, bog so you can see what needs to be repaired. Like working with a blank canvas.

We always prefer to do this this to our resto’s. Abrasive blasting will not cause any harm to the work piece as long as the correct process is used to clean the article so there is no need to stress about any damage being done to your car. The finished article after blasting provides a better surface for coatiOff to the blast factoryngs to bond to and can greatly increase the life of the coating.

Even many plastic parts can be blast cleaned e.g. Plastic bumper bars, auto trim panels, motorcycle fairings etc.

You can always call Nick at The Blast Factory on 03 9354 8021 – Tell him the guys at Resto My Ride sent you!