What is Resto my Ride?

Resto my Ride is Australia’s ultimate online Restoration Destination, and our passion for cars runs deep.

Our founders, Dec McKearney and Sam Martin, have a love for all things automotive. Dec & Sam are the owners of Resto’s and Rods Garage – the very place where our hit TV show “Resto my Ride Australia” is filmed and where we showcase our business and the restoration of classic cars to millions of viewers around the world.

But we’re more than just a TV show. Resto my Ride is a brand and a community of passionate car enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring together like-minded car lovers of all shapes and sizes who share our love for all things automotive and create a one-stop Restoration Destination where car enthusiasts can find everything they need for their restoration projects.

At Resto my Ride, we’ve created an e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers with sellers who offer a wide range of restoration products and services. Its here that you will find everything from car parts and accessories, to cool items for your Resto cave and those cant live without items that fuel your passion.

In addition to our marketplace, our Subscribe the Ride, Resto my Ride Subscription provides members with exclusive discounts on products, early access to new releases, behind the scenes access to exclusive content and the chance to WIN a Car restoration as featured on our TV show. Being a part of our community comes with perks, and our subscription is just one of the many ways we show our appreciation to our members.

We are the go-to platform for all things Resto-related. Whether you want to watch our TV show on playback or listen to new episodes of our podcasts, we offer an extensive range of content to fuel your passion for cars.

At Resto my Ride, we’re not just a brand – we’re a full-throttle movement, a collective of like-minded car nuts who support and learn from each other. We’re a community of gear-heads, tinkerers, and restoration enthusiasts who are united by our love of all things Resto.