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PPG Tech Tips – The rise of hi-tech aerosol technology

John Hristias – PPG Business Support Manager Asia/Pacific

The humble aerosol has come a long way in the past decade – where it used to be the cheap and nasty option, it’s not anymore. Aerosols have always been convenient and easy to use but now they are being filled with advanced, hi-tech refinish product formulations.

In the modern, fast-paced collision repair environment, where saving minutes counts, the advantages of today’s hi-tech aerosols is impossible to ignore. Many collision centres are already using them to make a real impact on reducing cycle-time without sacrificing performance on a wide variety of different job types. The ready-to-use nature of aerosols means there is no time spent mixing product, no mixing container required, no spray gun clean up afterwards and no wasted product. They also tend to minimise the need for masking time and materials. The cans are compact enough for each technician to keep right at the worksite so there’s no need to spend valuable time leaving the job to get them. All this means hi-tech aerosols can offer a really clever way to reduce costs in order to make jobs more profitable.

Aerosol productivity

If you haven’t looked at aerosols for a while I reckon you will be very surprised at their capabilities. For example, PPG aerosol products are formulated to deliver excellent performance while saving process time, as well as overall labour time, in order to build more profitability into the job. Here’s a sample of what’s available from PPG’s hi-tech aerosol range:

Structural Repair Etch Primers – Makes it quick, easy and efficient to achieve an original factory finish on structural repair. This unique range has seven different colours which match common e-coat colours used by vehicle OEMs in different regions of the world, plus a Structural Repair Clear when a glossier appearance is required. A quality, wide spray fan nozzle makes for fast, accurate application.

D8080 UV Cured Primer Surfacer – A ground-breaking product which requires no flash-off and cures in just three minutes with the appropriate UV lamp. Its long list of features includes excellent film build of up to 120 microns in one application.

OneChoice™ 1K Epoxy Rub-through Primers – Available in three spectral grey colours (SUA340 Light-Grey, SUA440 Mid-Grey and SUA540 Dark-Grey), it’s the quick, efficient way to deal with a frustrating rub-through. Fast to flash-off, it lays down so silky smooth there’s no need to rub it back which saves even more labour time.

OneChoice™ SU4903 Advanced Plastic Bond – With a single light coat, PPG’s innovative nano-technology ensures it grips plastic surfaces with a strength that’s simply not possible using conventional primers. Fast flash-off (just five minutes prior to topcoat application) and ability to prime all commonly used automotive plastics make it extremely popular for spot repairs.

OneChoice™ SXA840 Blending Thinner – Designed to melt overspray edges to produce an invisible repair, it’s a quality solution for places where a blend is unavoidable, such as inside dog-legs, under bonnets or areas like C-pillars where a break-line doesn’t exist.