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Quiet on the set

Without the help of our Major partners at  Rare Spares, we wouldn’t have got this project off the ground. Rare Spares have generously donated the EJ Holden and all the parts needed to enable us to undertake this project fr the EJ Whitten Foundation. And, we are thrilled to be working with the best in the business.

Picking up the EJ from Rare Spares officially marked the beginning of Resto my Ride and the EJ Holden restoration for the EJ Whitten Foundation. There was no backing out now!

We arrived early with Ted Whitten and the Resto crew. When you arrive at Rare Spares, you feel like you are part of the family. A great bunch of people who share our passion for cars and the project. These guys really do become more than just a part of your project. STILLS3

Lance Corby from Rare Spares is one hell of a guy. He is like a walking encyclopedia of anything and everything you need to know about cars and is the official adviser on the show. There is nothing this bloke doesn’t know about the EJ and Lance and his team are a major part of the show. You will be seeing a lot of the Rare Spares team during the filming of the show. And trust us when we say you are not only guaranteed to learn from Lance and his team – but your guaranteed a laugh also.

You can view all of the products we use in the Resto in the Resto Shop.