Resto my Ride Campaign

We’re reaching out to our amazing fans with an exciting opportunity to be a part of our “Resto my Ride” campaign! We know that many of you have unique and cherished vehicles that are waiting to be brought back to their former glory and that’s why we’re inviting you to share your car restoration story with us! And, for each person’s content that we use in our campaign, you will receive a FREE Mini Superfan package which gives you 10 more entries into the WIN a RESTO! Competition on us – Valued at $99! 

Show us your Ride: 

We want to see video footage and hear your personal stories about your beloved Ride and the memories they hold. 

All you need to do is shoot a vertical video with your phone that showcases a full shot of your car, while also highlighting any interesting details, modifications, or features that make your ride truly special. 

You don’t need to be too fussy….just point and shoot a quick video and show us your Ride! 

Video Tips:

  • Hold your phone vertically to capture the full shot of your car.
  • Ensure there is enough lighting to clearly see the vehicle.
  • Feel free to move around and show different angles or details – you can submit more than one video – short shots ar great, too!.
  • Don’t forget to say “RESTO MY RIDE”

We need you to let us know that you want Dec and the team to Resto your Ride by saying in your video as enthusiastically and passionately as you can “RESTO MY RIDE”! 

Be creative…. You might want to even sing your “Resto my Ride” or make up a jingle! Its up to you, as long as we hear you say RESTO MY RIDE! 

✉️ How to submit your video:

Once you’ve created your vertical video, you can simply upload to us in the form below. If the file size is too large, you can use a file-sharing service such as “WeTransfer” to send it to

Remember to include your details and a brief description of your car ( Make, Model & Year ) and why you’d love to see it restored by Resto my Ride in the message, too! 

The chance to be featured and Win:

Selected entries will have the opportunity to be featured in our upcoming marketing campaign. We will let you know if you have been chosen and will activate your Mini Superfan package and hand over those 10 entries in to the draw to WIN a RESTO! We will contact you by return email.

Get ready to Resto my Ride:

Start shooting those vertical videos, and let’s get ready to Resto my Ride!

Resto my Ride Superfans receive accumulating entries per month and more opportunities to WIN a RESTO!
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