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The team from Resto my Ride are back again and are gearing up for the 2018 Variety Bash.

Each year Resto my Ride participates in the Variety Bash raising money for Variety the Children’s Charity Victoria.  The Variety Bash is Australia’s largest charity motoring event and this year we departing from Geelong on the 23rd of August and travelling north to arrive in Townsville, Queensland on the 31st of September.

The Bash travels through the heart of Australia in old resto’d cars to areas that you would normally not see, at the same time raising money for children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.


Our support of Variety is just one great examples of our ongoing commitment to looking out for those in need. Resto my Ride got involved with the Variety Bash because they loved the idea of driving across Australia in an old Aussie car whilst raising money for the kids

”This is dream trip for the crew at Resto my Ride. Old cars, the Aussie outback and a bunch of amazing people raising funds for Aussie kids in need. You really could find a better cause and every year it’s a trip of a lifetime” said Dec McKearney, host of Resto my Ride and owner of Resto’s and Rods Garage.


Variety is a charity dedicated to supporting thousands of children in Australia who are sick, disadvantaged, or have special needs. Variety believes that every child deserves to get the most out of life, regardless of their upbringing.

Variety helps when others can’t. Families and organisations can turn to Variety – the Children’s Charity when government assistance isn’t available. Variety provides support through grants for children and families for things like: Mobility equipment and wheelchairs, Communication devices and education aides, Medical items and services, Therapy services, including occupational therapy and music therapy.

With Variety’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of children with special needs, families across Australia are receiving the support they need to lead better lives.


Car 01 is Resto my Rides car in 2018. This year sees a change in cars from our old faithful 1967 HR Holden to a 1974 VJ Charger.

“As Car 01 we had an idea that we wanted to go themed as “Dukes of Hazzard” says Sam Martin from Resto my Ride “We just had to find a Charger!”

“It took us 2 years but we came across an Aussie one and in typical Resto my Ride fashion… we are still working on it with only 3 weeks to go before we leave on the Bash” Said Dec.

And not to worry about the old trusty HR Holden, that’s still going on the Bash too! Our good friends and sponsors of the show, MN Spray Booths are taking the car and joining us on the Bash this year.


There are many ways you can get involved and the easiest way is to help Resto my Ride reaches their fundraising target for Variety, the Children’s Charity

Corporate partners that donate can benefit from exposure via the Resto my Ride platform and of course on the car. All donations are fully tax deductible and can be made online also by clicking here