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Spray Booth Filter Maintenance

Spray booths are designed to provide a clean, temperature controlled environment in which to paint.

To ensure your spray paint booth is in good working order MN Spraybooths recommend proactive servicing to help expose any underlying issues or detect faults before they cause costly repairs and downtime – extending the life of your equipment.

Spray booth filters in particular should be changed regularly. Neglecting to replace filters can be a costly exercise in more ways than one. As filters get dirty and saturated with dust and overspray it restricts the amount of airflow through the chambers causing dust and overspray to recirculate within the booth, which ultimately may affect the overall quality of the finished job.

In addition, flammable or explosive conditions may be created if volatile solvents collect within the closed space.

Clogged filters also cause the booth fan(s) to work harder, decreasing their efficiency and life.

When to change your filters!

Readings from a manometer or magnehelic pressure gauge should be used to establish a changeover schedule for your filters. If your booth does not have a pressure gauge and you notice dust build-up on the finished job during the painting process, this is a good indication that the air filters are saturated with particles and need to be changed.

MN Spraybooths recommend implementing an effective filter changeover schedule in line with your operations. Setting up a maintenance plan for your spray booth is critical to keeping your booth operating at peak performance, saving both time and money.

Proper maintenance of your filters not only ensures a quality finish and efficient operation of your spray booth, it is a vital step in ensuring that your spray painting operation meets health and safety standards

As Christmas fast approaches there’s no better time than now to ensure your spray booth is in tip top shape for the New Year!

For all service, maintenance or spare parts inquiries contact MN Spraybooths on 03 9708 6069.

MN Spraybooths is your one stop service provider for preventative maintenance, repairs, spare parts, inspections and filter supply for any make and model spray booth.

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