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Variety Vic Bash hits the half way mark

The Bashers have hit the half way mark of their amazing journey from Melbourne to Darwin. Along the way they have met some amazing people, stopped at schools and attended special events; all in the name of raising awareness and funds for Variety the Children’s Charity.

Leaving Melbourne the bashers headed for their first stop in Maldon Victoria. The group stopped at the local primary school to say hi to the kids and to donate Ipads that Variety the Children’s Charity had for them.

Team Resto’s Executive Producer Sam Martin grew up in Maldon. “It was great meeting the kids and catching up with a few locals that came to say hi to me and Dec. You can take the girl out of Maldon but you can’t take Maldon out of the girl,” Sam said.

The Bashers spent the night at Mildura and in the morning before they left for the remote and beautiful Wilpena Pound, they spent some time at Mildura Specialist School.

On the way to Coober Pedy…Batman busted an axl. Lucky for Batman, Cowboy and Towball were there to help! Team Resto got some great footage of Batman dancing on his Ride while waiting for help to arrive which you can check out on the Resto my Ride Facebook page CLICK HERE

From there the Bashers headed to Erldunda….their first overnight stay in the Northern Territory!! From there on towards beautiful Kings Canyon – Watarrka National Park. Alice Springs is the next stop and they can’t wait!

To support Variety the Children’s Charity, Team Resto are running a fundraising campaign while on The Bash. There are so many great ways you can donate. CLICK HERE to show us your support.