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VIP Premiere Screening – An EJ for EJ

The Premiere Screening of Resto my Ride – An EJ for EJ – took place on Wednesday 23 March 2016 at the Whitten Oval.

Guests arrived from 6pm and were greeted by the EJ Holden which was displayed at the entrance of the stadium….right next to the EJ Whitten statue.

Among the attendees were sponsors, supporters, friends and family who enjoyed drinks and canapes until dusk.

Sam Martin introduced Ted Whitten Junior who was responsible for the formation of the EJ Whitten Foundation supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness for Men’s Health.

Mr Whitten spoke of the importance of men’s health checks as prostate cancer can be prevented if caught early.

He ended his speech on a personal note; “There is a statue of my late father out the front of this stadium. He didn’t really want the statue. However he agreed to having it here if I would come to the stadium once a week and polish it….I told him I would. I never did.”

Declan McKearney spoke of his passion for car restorations, Prostate Cancer Awareness and his concept for “An EJ for EJ”.

Before the show commenced all guests helped themselves to popcorn and choc tops…..well, you can’t go to the movies without popcorn and choc tops can you.